11 de abril de 2018

How do we stop the massacres in the Middle East and the expansion of imperialist wars

International Declaration.
Por Corresponsal
Partido Obrero

Under the pretext that the governments of Bashar al-Assad and Putin have used again chemical weapons against the civilian population, this time in Douma, a suburb near Damascus, Donald Trump, the English May and the French Macron have announced reprisals of enormous destructive range against the military positions, air bases and official installations of both governments in Syrian territory.

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Last year, with similar justifications, Trump launched dozens of rockets at those targets in a single operation, after warning Russia about it, which withdrew the aircraft in advance. The big US media are urging Trump not to "repeat the previous mistake": instead, they press for a broader military and political offensive, without exhibiting the slightest remorse that this could trigger an international war that would involve all the great powers and the main states of the region.

Neither the complaints of last year, nor the recent accusation against Russia of having attempted the life of a double agent with chemical products in a village in Britain, have been proven in an effective way. The same is happening now. We would be facing a provocation that aims to function as a pretext to extend the war in Syria. Even for Putin, who uses massacres as a method of government, it would not be explained that he uses the chemical arsenal in a war that he is winning, and when his US counterpart, Trump, is caught up in an internal crisis, due to opposition of the State Department and the Pentagon to his proposal to withdraw from Syria.

The possibility arises that the denunciation of the use of chemical weapons in Douma is part of a propagandistic forgery, or that the accusers have used the Islamic militia that was until recently in control of Douma, Jaish al-Ilan, to execute the bacteriological massacre. The day after the events, Israel bombed bases of the Syrian government and the militias of Hezbollah and Iran in Syria, which was interpreted as a warning to Trump not to withdraw militarily from Syria. The analysts of this war, assure that the Zionist State has already bombed the neighboring territory more than a hundred times since the outbreak of the civil war. The Zionist government did not recognize the recent attack, nor a large number of the previous ones. Their actions, however, have been authorized by their 'enemy', Russia, which controls Syria's airspace. "Netanyahu is stuck to the red phone that communicates with Moscow," recalls an American newspaper. The international war in Syrian territory is undeniable: they intervene with their armies or militias: USA, Russia, Great Britain, France, Turkey, Iran, Israel, as well as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt, through interposed militias.

While these war crimes are occurring, the great press of these countries keeps on promoting before the public the 'pacifist vocation' of imperialism and the reactionary powers in presence. The massacre of civilians is estimated between 350 thousand and half a million people, and the refugees in several millions.

Trump proposes to withdraw American troops from the land, to promote a broader war through local agents - as he has been doing in Afghanistan and Iraq, for example. With the memory of the defeat in Vietnam, between 1968 and 1974, he does not want to see the return of coffins to the United States. It is probable that the tycoon of misogyny authorizes the occupation of all of northern Syria by Turkey, so that the army of this country acts as a gurka of imperialism against the presence of Russia. Putin does the same, as he has authorized the aviation of Turkey to bomb the region and proceed to occupy the city of Afrin, of Kurdish majority. The military clashes are combined with the intestines of each block, in an infernal slaughter against the peoples. The war has given Israel a right of a "de facto" supervision and interference, which will be used to expel the Palestinians completely from their historical territory. Zionism has embarked on the adventure of a 'great Israel', as the first-order oppressor of an ocean of surrounding Arab peoples, and therefore to wars and suffering without parallel.

This war involves the whole world. If the Trumps, Mays, Macrons or Merkels impose themselves, the labor and social precariousness of the proletariat of the US and Europe will be strengthened, that is, endless misery. Putin and the Ayatollahs, reactionary and oppressive capitalist castes, know that they have no chance of victory in the face of world imperialism; that is why they seek an impossible 'arrangement' with imperialism - as evidenced by the repeated attempts in Syria and other countries at war, and all similar attempts in Ukraine and in the disputed Muslim territories of the former Soviet Union.

For all this, we call the working classes of the imperialist countries and all the oppressed peoples to join forces and efforts for international action against imperialism and to defeat the imperialist and reactionary wars through social revolution.