4 de octubre de 2018

World Revolution magazine was released

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The release of the "World Revolution" web magazine is the result of the debates which took place in the International Conference held during the first days of April in Buenos Aires, called by the DIP (Turkey), the EEK (Greece), the PT (Uruguay) and the PO (Argentina). In that opportunity our organizations committed themselves to publish a magazine that would be the power station of the political debate on the world situation and the perspectives of the socialist revolution in the convulsed framework that the international capitalist crisis offers, with its consequent spread of social rebellions and popular uprisings. As the Savas Matsas head article refers "the unaccomplished duties posed by history must be accomplished. They are more urgent now than ever. This makes necessary the rebirth of the international that was born, under the most difficult conditions in 1938, out of the necessity of completing the world revolution begun in October 1917, and was founded by the last vanguard of stalinism opponents, the Fourth International.. World Revolution, comes to serve to this historical cause".


The first issue includes four large axes. The world situation taken as a whole is boarded in the first place by the article by Jorge Altamira "world panorama", which was presented as a contribution from the Partido Obrero for the debate that took place in the EuroMediterranean Conference carried out in Greece months ago. 


Levent Dölek, from Turkey's DIP, wrote about "The character of the war in the XXI Century". His article boards a much present debate; what role play Russia and China in the war escalation which push the world situation, opening a key question in order to comprehend the present historical process. Are these countries imperialist powers or are they the objective of a new offensive from the capital in the context of the world financial crisis? Are they a side or and objective of the imperialist war?

The article by Gabriel Solano (PO) on the Argentine crisis and the agreement with the IMF is set within the thematic order of the world situation not by chance. The crisis that our country goes through is an episode of the world crisis (it has prove itself as the weakest joint in the present circumstances of the world crisis), which not only  includes the so-called "emergent" countries but, on the contrary, has its starting point in the great imperialist metropolises, particularly in the United States. 

The vitality of the Karl Marx's thought in the bicentennial of his birth is a fundamental reference point of the magazine. Savas Matsas and Sungur Savran wrote about it, in the perspective not just to vindicate his legacy, but fundamentally to outline the importance that the German revolutionary thought assumes in the present historical stage as a tool to transform the future from the perspective of human emancipation. 

The struggle for the emancipation of women, another of the great political problems that the world situation goes through, is the third axis of the magazine. Amargan Tulunay, from the DIP (writer of several articles on the women, Islamic world, and socialism), boards in her article the history of the women struggle in the October Revolution, the role they played, their demands before and after October and the social recoil that stalinism implied regarding to the conquests reached with the revolution. 

The Cintia Frencia and Daniel Gaido's book presentation ("Marxism and the liberation of the working class women") through the interventions of Olga Viglieca, Cintia Frencia herself, and Jorge Altamira, board the present of the women struggle and the debates in the bosom of the women movement. Jorge Altamira concludes his exposition with the tasks this struggle has posed: "To impulse this movement for its victory. To interest the workers in it. To develop an intense propaganda. Because the construction of the woman -cultural, psychological, human - will be the work of the women themselves, in the conditions of freedom their very self contribute to create, struggling for a government of the exploited and for the international socialism".

The fourth axis of the magazine, group the historical analyses articles. This section includes the first part of the Daniel Gaido's text, "Historical studies on the classical theories of imperialism", and an article about the strategy of the Communist Party of Uruguay between 1968 and 1973 written by Nicolás Marrero form the Uruguay's PT. 

Finally, the magazine includes the resolution document of the EuroMediterranean Emergency Conference organized by the Socialist Center Christian Rakovsky and the Euro.Mediterranean Net in Erethria (Greece) between July 24th and 26th this year (attended by our Partido Obrero), with a characterization and a program before the world capitalist crisis and the war barbarism, with a perspective of the working class. 

On the whole, the magazine is a key tool of political struggle for the great task the World Conference in April posed itself of reconstructing the International. At the same time, is a demonstration of the steps taken in this way and the possibilities opened by the financial, political, and social crisis that walks over the world. Its reading and diffusion is a militant task.


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