Declaration of the Left Workers Front Unity in the face of the national crisis

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We are witnessing a leap in the national political and economic crisis, triggered by the landslide electoral defeat suffered by the government. Naturally, all the capitalist blocks are going to try to unload this crisis onto the backs of working people. Macrismo, corporations and the IMF, with the acquiescence of the PJ and the connivance of the trade union bureaucracy, have every intention of making us pay for this crisis. We need to impose our own solution with the strength and methods of the working class in defense of the interests of workers, women, youth and the popular sectors.

Under the auspices of the Macri government policy, together with the mega devaluation, the so-called "markets" escalated capital flight in recent days. A handful of speculators escalate the devastation of millions of Argentines.

To try to sustain itself until December, Macri’s starvation government ordered a series of measures to be taken that do not even begin to mitigate the effects of the devaluation of the peso already reflected in the generalized price increases of basic necessities, and much less to recover some of what has been lost in recent years. To maintain the "governability" demanded by bankers and international finance capital of a mandate that has been repudiated by the majority of the population on Sunday 11, Macri needs the connivance of Alberto Fernández and Peronismo. Fernández not only encouraged the devaluation, but also endorsed it by stating that he is ready to "collaborate" with Macri and his government.

The backdrop of the Argentine crisis is the international capitalist crisis. The "competitiveness" sought by those who encourage and endorse the devaluation of the peso is for more profits to go to export traders, multinationals, banks and big business in the context of the intensification of commercial and monetary wars and the entry of the world economy into a new recession. We alert the population as a whole on the unfeasibility of the “solutions” proposed by government officials and ‘the opposition’.

Far from defending the workers against the misery and layoffs that have only gotten worse over the last few days, the CGT (General Confederation of Labor trade union central) continues to maintain a truce with the starvation mongers. The CTA (Central de Trabajadores de la Argentina) is acting in an identical manner.

The Left Front-Unity participated in the last election campaign, arguing that with the IMF, not only can the people's living conditions not improve, they will inevitably get worse. Alberto Fernández assured once again what his economic spokesmen had already announced: that the illegitimate and fraudulent debt, which only served to finance capital flight, would be honored. This will mean more underdevelopment and national dependence, and more misery for the popular majorities.

The FIT-Unity maintains that it is necessary to demand a 36-hour national strike, with mobilization, from the trade union centrals, as part of a plan of struggle to impose a program based on prioritizing the hardest felt demands of working people. Let no one earn less than the cost of living. Automatic monthly indexing of salaries and retirement pensions according to the cost of living. Cancellation of the power bill hikes, nationalization of privatized companies under the control of workers and users. Prohibition of lay-offs and suspensions. Occupation and putting into production of any company that closes its doors or lays-off its workers, together with a call for nationalization under workers' control.

It is essential to break with the IMF and stop paying the foreign debt. And put into practice a workers and peoples solution based on the defense of work, wages, popular housing, health and education. Against "market shocks" and capital flight, we sustain the need to nationalize the banking system and create a single national bank that serves as a lever for the economic recovery of the country under the direction of the workers, preserving the savings of the population and granting cheap loans to small merchants. The state monopoly of foreign trade is also necessary to prevent a handful of export traders from controlling the foreign currency, liquidating it at will.

In summary, our proposal is that the crisis should be paid by those who instigated it: the capitalists. And that an economic plan which favors the great majorities be put into practice that can only be sustained by a workers' government.

The forces forming the Left Front Unity will promote, from every workplace, the need for assemblies and plenaries of delegates in the labor movement to impose and execute this program.

In the immediate future, the Left Front-Unity, together with the combative trade union movement, will call for a march to Plaza de Mayo next week.



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