Argentina: solidarity with César Arakaki and Daniel Ruiz

Approved at the international virtual meeting on 16/12 by PO (Argentina); SEP (Turkey); NAR (Greece); Fuerza 18 de Octubre (Chile); Agrupación Vilcapaza and MST-P (Peru); Occhio di clase (Italy); Política Revolucionaria and Tribuna Classista (Brazil); and İnqilabin Sesi (Azerbaijan).

César Arakaki.

The undersigned organisations demand the acquittal of comrades César Arakaki and Daniel Ruiz, convicted by the Argentine bourgeois justice system for their participation in the mobilisation days of December 2017, against the pension reform promoted by the then president Mauricio Macri. The sentences against César and Daniel have been confirmed and, in the case of César, would imply imprisonment for a sentence of more than 3 years. Daniel, for his part, has been imprisoned for more than a year.

The case against the comrades has survived the entire government of Alberto and Cristina, without the Peronist government even making a statement demanding their freedom. With Milei’s government, we can expect nothing other than an intensification of repression and political and trade union persecution. The punishment of César and Daniel is a message that the capitalist class as a whole, independently of its factions and the parties that represent them, wants to send to the entire Argentine working class.

In the coming months, the working people of Argentina will have to face a plan to surrender the country and attack their living conditions, which will inevitably be based on the curtailment of democratic freedoms. The government has just issued a “protocol” for the regulation and repression of popular demonstrations, which prohibits the right to protest. We must confront it and also win, through mobilisation and struggle, the acquittal of César and Daniel.