Condemnation of the massacre against the Palestine people

Por Corresponsal Conferencia Internacional

The International Conference gathered in Buenos Aires condemns the Zionist Army massacre of 17 Palestinians during the demonstration in Gaza that was claiming the rightful return of refugees. A killing takes place confirming a policy of extermination against the Zionist-enslaved Palestine people. Israeli sharpshooters targeted a demonstration of over 30 thousand Palestinians, leaving 17 dead and nearly 2000 wounded. There were children at the demonstration, and all the victims were between 18 and 34 years old. The Zionist Army also carried out a tank and air strike against Gaza.

We witness a new criminal act by Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, a few weeks after Trump announced the recognition of Jerusalem as the sole capital of Zionism. It is the formalization of the 'final solution' for Palestine, which takes place at the same time that Zionist settlements continue to grow on the West Bank and the people of Gaza find themselves fenced in and living in an open sky prison.

We denounce the Zionist oppression of the Palestine people and the imperialist war in the Middle East. This has become a pressing issue for workers. We call for a movilization against this genocidal killing and to publicly demonstrate against it. 

For a single, democratic, secular and socialist Palestine. For a socialist federation of states in the Middle East.

TE PUEDE INTERESAR: Condenamos la masacre contra el pueblo palestino,

 El 7, gran acto internacionalista en la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales

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