February 24: international day of action against the wars of capital!


From Ukraine to Gaza, from Sudan to Congo, capitalist wars are butchering hundreds of thousands people, mostly proletarians; millions are forced to leave their homes; millions are starving and epidemics are spreading.

An arms race has started worldwide to prepare for World War 3 while governments cut social expenditure and repress our struggles militarizing social life.

Enough is enough! No more massacres, no more cannon fodder for the interests of our exploiters! No more sacrifices, militarism and repression!

Let’s join forces internationally and have workers’ voice be heard all around the world!

Proletarians of Ukraine and Russia, shake hands, your enemy is at home ! Down with capitalist governments, for worker’s governments!

Stop the genocide on Gaza and the ethnic cleaning in the West Bank and Jerusalem!

On the side of the Palestinian resistance, for a Palestine free from Zionist colonialism!

Workers and youth in the West: let’s stop our governments sending weapons for the butchery in Ukraine and supporting Israel!

Let’s unite around the world and fight for a society without exploitation and war, of harmony between man and nature.

On Saturday 24 February 2024, second anniversary of the intensification of war in Ukraine between NATO and Russia, let’s join forces in an international and internationalist day of protest and struggle against the wars of capital!

Proletarians and oppressed of all countries, let’s unite!