Historic Election for the Left Front-Unity in the context of government’s deepening austerity plan

First conclusions.

The Left Front-Unity has reached a historic election with 1.400.000 votes throughout the country, it achieved a block of four Nacional Deputies with Nicolás del Caño and Romina Del Plá from province of Buenos Aires, Myriam Bregman from the City of Buenos Aires, and Alejandro Vilca from Jujuy. But also, Guillermo Kane and Graciela Calderón got elected as Provincial Deputies of Buenos Aires, Gabriel Solano and Alejandra Barry as Legislators of the City of Buenos Aires. For the first time the Left managed to get City Councillors in at least seven districts of Buenos Aires Province: Lorena Pereira in Moreno, Flavia Tesone in Merlo, Juan Romero in La Matanza, Sandra Becerra in José C Paz, Norberto Pazos in Florencio Varela, Josefina Esteche in Morón, Daniel Heredia in Coronel Pringles, lead the list of new Councilors

The political characteristics of Left Front’s election exceeds the conclusive numbers. For the first time the Left entries to a Deliberating Council in the metropolitan area of the province of Buenos Aires, an area which has been historically controlled by the Partido Justicialista who has played an important role in holding back popular demands.

This progress embraces an unquestionable political importance and it is a huge step forwards. Romina Del Plá declared “The great election of Left Front-Unity shows a new progress in popular neighborhoods of Great Buenos Aires. This step forwards comes along with the organization for the struggle of all workers demands towards the crisis and social poverty. For the first time, we will have Councilors in more than seven districts who will bring to the Deliberate Council the demands of each and every one of these neighborhoods. Peronism decline in the province entails a step towards the Left”. And that is the political fact that puts Left Front election to an upper level.

Government calls for an agreement to seal an agreement with the IMF

The government has just suffered an expected defeat as a result of its political actions against people’s living conditions and its own voters. After the PASO defeat, it went in depth with this orientation, and now with this new defeat will make a new move towards the austerity plan commanded by the IMF.

This is the content of the call for reaching an agreement with the opposition which aims to accelerate the ultimate agreement with the IMF. This deal implies a new austerity plan, devaluation and a new attempt to approve the labor reform. This deal will reinforce national surrender towards paying external debt and the austerity plan fostered by the great capital. The government is moving forwards to this agenda beaten and divided.

Within this context Left Front election reinforces the struggle against austerity plan because without a doubt the vote for the Left Front is a command against the agreement with the IMF and against any policy which implies making workers’ pay for the crisis with hunger and the removal of rights.


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