Milei threatens Belliboni and opponents through social networks

With references to the Terminator and police repression, the president seeks to "eliminate" the popular struggle.

El mensaje presidencial

The president of the Nation, Javier Milei, published on his social network X (ex Twitter) his own image adapted to the Terminator film character with the slogan “Casta a la vista, baby”, under the explicit mention of Eduardo Belliboni (leader of the Polo Obrero). This is a concrete threat against the fighting movement that is confronting Milei’s austerity policy, in the midst of an illegal repressive policy promoted by the national state.
The choice of interlocutors, with the nominal mention of a referent of one of the main movements of struggle against the government, is not accidental: the government has set itself the task of removing from the streets the sectors that are demonstrating against the adjustment policies, such as the anti-worker DNU and the Omnibus Law, the former being harassed by court injunctions and the latter having recently fallen into disgrace.

The analogy chosen by the president is somewhat fanciful if one takes into account that the government is not politically “overpowering” its opponents, but rather bogged down in a political crisis that for the moment they have not managed to resolve. More an expression of wishful thinking, a narrative, than reality.

However, it should not be ignored that threats of this kind in the midst of the illegal reinforcement of the repressive policy of the state against those who go out to fight, brings with it an implicit call to redouble the attack against the workers, their leaders and organisations.

Consulted by media on the subject, Belliboni declared that “we have detected Milei for a long time, as an adjuster, as an anti-democrat, as an anti-rights activist. He has been detected. The people are detecting him more and more as an agent of foreign interests, an agent of the interests of the monopolies in Argentina and as a serial adjuster against the people”.

Belliboni himself has been the victim of repressive action by the national security forces on several occasions, just for peacefully demonstrating against the national government and its package of anti-worker measures. The policy of “branding” him as “detected” in the eyes of the population seeks to create a climate for new attacks, both by the state and by the government’s own supporters.
The organisations of the Frente de Lucha Piquetero and human rights organisations held a press conference to reject and denounce these threats.

Far from what the president claims, the caste does not tremble because it is inside the national government, and Liberty “does not” Advance (for Liberty “does not” Advance, Milei’s political party), as has been demonstrated recently with the failure of the Omnibus Law, which invites us to redouble the popular mobilisation to definitively defeat this tightening government. Or as Sarah Connor said: “The future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves”.