Resolution on the G20

  1. The next G20 meeting in Buenos Aires, November 30th and December 1st, will take place in the highest point of the commercial, political and military antagonisms among its own conveners. 20 years from its creation, the G20 attends to the dislocation of the so-called globalization, according to what the capitalist restoration in the former USSR and China must give place to a harmonization of the economy and world politics under the aegis of the international capital.

The G20 was integrated, in 1999, with the imperialist powers and some ‘emergent countries’, among them Argentina and Brazil, in order to face the South East Asian crisis (1997) and its spread, as the 1998 Russian crisis. The pretension of preventing new systemic crisis of the world capitalism was frustrated by the burst of the great 2007 crisis. Since then, the financial rescue measures and the invocations for international free trade couldn’t avoid the growing clashes among its members.


2. The G20 summit in Buenos Aires will be an amplified version of that scenario. It will take place in the frame of a growing commercial war, of an accentuation of the militarism and of the imperialist wars; of the extension of the personal power and repressive regimes and the accentuation of racism and xenophobia, on one hand, and the development of mobilizations and popular irruptions, on the other. Fallen  the curtain of the “globalization” and the “end of history”, it emerges with all its strength the dominant feature of the historical decay stage of the capital, as a stage of “wars and revolutions”.

The commercial war that the US is facing with China is, before anything, the expression of a fracture inside the two blocks in struggle. A sector of the regime and of the new-born Chinese capitalists mistrust the XI jinPing policy and his clashes with the United States, and hopes to progress by hand of a greater economic interference from imperialism. The same crack is manifested in the United States, where an important part of the Yankee great bourgeoisie fears that the Trump’s policy would aggravate even more the international commerce dislocation and, with it, their own chances of survival. The back curtain of these fractures is the capitalist world crisis, the tendency to over-production and the fall of the profit rate. In the final declaration of the last G20 meeting (Helsinki), it was included a recommendation to reduce the world over-capacity of steel, a situation that is extended to the whole world’s  commodities. On the whole, the commercial war – and ultimately political and military – is a dispute regarding to which blocks will have to take charge of the depuration of the spare capitals, something that can only be processed to the cost of wars and huge social convulsions. The third large block involved in the G20 -the European Union- replays those clashes to its own interior, as it is revealed by the existing tortuous discussion around the England exit from the EU, and that could end with Theresa May’s government.

Meanwhile, a budding new international financial crisis is evident in the heart of capitalism, where the hesitant stocks’ results anticipates the end of the precarious recovery of the American economy. In order to solve its own indebtment, the State and the great bourgeoisie of this country has came out to capture the funds that have had lucred with the debts of Turkey, Argentina, Brazil and other emergents. The new phase of the world crisis has installed the economic and political destabilization in these countries, with its sequel in terms of capital leak, monetary devaluations, fiscal and commercial  deficits, vertiginous growth of the public debts and impoverishment of the working masses.   

3. The other side of this vultures’ struggle is the aggravation of all social antagonisms, social misery and war. In the last three years, the hunger in the world has risen again, surpassing 800 million people. The humanitarian crises which involve millions of refugees has extended from Europe to Central America. The chiefs of the pretended “globalization”, which will have an appointment in Buenos Aires, are, at the same time, the executors of brutal bombardments in Iraq, Syria or Libya, destroying its scarce national defenses in order to advance in a greater political and financial colonization. The summit will take place in the middle of a sharpening of the military preparations of the different blocks in struggle. It is shown, for example, by the recent maneuvers of unknown scale of the Russian army with Chinese support; the preparations of the NATO for “large scale conflicts” and the announcements of Macron -with support from Merkel – for the creation of an European army besides the NATO itself.

The G20 summit will reflect again the dispute on the environmental question. Trump has taken the United States out of the Paris agreement, in benefit of the “old” industries of his country which aspirates to reduce costs at the expense of the general pollution. On top of this pose, it is pretended that the environmental jubilee in the backward countries, in benefit, in this case, of mining, petroleum and agrochemical companies. This same agenda has spliced with the fascist Bolsonaro, in which plans appear the Amazon deforestation. Behind the resources hoarding, as it happens today with the niobio and other strategic minerals reserves , the criminal attacks to the indigenous population of Brazil advances. More than ever, the world imperialism -and its representation in the G20- is the reaction all down the line.


4. Beyond its divergences, the imperialists chiefs -and the Macri or Temer too -coincide in the pretension of discharging the crisis over the working class and the exploited. In the agenda of the G20, the IMF and the World Bank there is the ‘universalization’ of the pensions reforms -in order to liquidate the relation between pension and salary, taking the first one back to an assistencial subsidy to the old age; increase of the discounts to active workers and also the age for retirement. The same happens with the anti-working-class labor reforms, against the labor stability and the collective agreements.

The G20 summit in Argentina will also be the scenario of other disastrous continental unity -the one that puts forward the militarizations by the hand of the State’s Department, in the name of the supposed combat against narcotraffic and terrorism. Anticipating this orientation, the government of Macri and its “security” minister Bullrich has mounted a gigantic intimidation and repression operative in the view of next day 30th, with the participation of foreign forces and intelligence services and which has already provoked detentions and persecutions in the country. This repressive operative has also found the complicity of the Frente Amplio government in Uruguay, which has facilitated the entering and movement of imperialist troops. From this conference, we repudiate the repressive reinforcement mounted from the G20 meeting.

5.  The so-called “counter-summit”, convened days before the G20 with the participation of Cristina Kirchner, Dilma Rouseff, Rafael Correa and others, would express the impotence and political failure of the so-called “nationals” or center-leftists of the continent. This is the summit of whom opened the way to the right and the political reaction, and then, with Macri or Temer, in the power, they were unable of struggling against their adjustments- when they are not accomplices of its application. From the power, the “national and popular” were pawns of the imperialist diplomacy under the Obama’s administration; in that character they endorsed the continental coupism (Zelaya, Lugo) and contributed with troops for the military interference in Haiti in behalf of the imperialism. The counter-summit gathers the protagonist of the failed nationalism, in order to prop up the electoral pretensions of Cristina Kirchner.

The continental nationalism uses to associate the present fracture of the world order to its protectionist invocations (“to live with what’s ours”). They don’t take charge, firstly, of the reactionary and rightist character of the anti-globalization, as Trump and his European emulators. And then, the character necessarily expansionist and bellicist of the imperialist protectionism. For example, the commercial war of the US with China is just a step in the eager of hegemonizing and completing, under the American aegis, the capitalist restoration in the Asian giant.

In this occasion, though, the organizer of the meeting with CFK and Rouseff has just pointed out that “is the G20 itself that should be denominated a counter-summit” (la Nación, 11/18), regarding to the economic and political fracture that will dominate the chiefs of states meeting. With that, he anticipates that the meeting of the former nationalist mandataries will invoke the principles of the “international harmonization of interests”. This shouldn’t cause surprise, if it is taken in account that both Cristina as Dilma, when presidents, participated of the G20 and voted the reactionary conclusions of its forums. From this Conference, we point out: to the economic world fracture and war, we do not oppose the unviable return to the past -the “capitalist globalization”-, but a social transformation at continental and world scale directed by the working class. I.e., the workers’ government, the socialist unity of Latin America and the world socialism.

On November 30th in Argentina there will be a great anti-imperialist mobilization against the G20. This Latin American Conference supports that convocatory and calls to prepare it with assemblies, talks and activities at the places of work and study. We call to organize for that date manifestations and acts in all countries in repudiation of the G20, for the international unity of the working class and the exploited independent of the governments and parties of the bourgeoisie. For Workers’ Congresses in order to organize struggle plans against the reactionary offensive of the capital.

Down with the imperialist wars: imperialists and its lackeys out from Syria, Libya, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen. Retreat of all military imperialism bases in Latin America and the world.

Down with the reactionary labor and pensions reforms.

Down with the environmental depredation of the capitalists monopolies, workers’ control.

No to usurious external debts payment.

Trump, Macron, Merkel, Putin, Xi jin Ping, the IMF and the whole G20 out from Argentina.

For workers’ governments and the socialist unity of Latin America.


(approved by the plenary of the Latin American Conference)        


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