21 de mayo de 2018

Trump and Netanyahu escalate the imperialist war in the Middle East

Statement from the Partido Obrero
Por Corresponsal
Partido Obrero

Donald Trump has decided to retreat the United States from the Treaty that blocks the nuclear development of Iran, despite the opposition of France, Great Britain, Germany, China and Russia. 

This means the return to the commercial and financial blockage of Iran, which Trump extends to all great powers who develop business with the Ayatollahs’ regime. It’s a huge step in the development of the economical war unleashed in the capitalist world economy. 

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It also means a fundamental support to the Zionism’s war policy against the Palestinian people and against other Arab nations in the Middle East. Israel is taking advantage of this situation to advance in a military escalation and had just bombed the Iranian bases in Syria. 

Trump’s decision is also a support to the financial-feudal monarchy of Saudi Arabia, which is developing an extermination war in Yemen and threatens Qatar and Iran with war. 
The other signatory powers have answered they will still defend the agreement with Iran, but they have already launched themselves to a political offensive to make that country yield to Trump’s extortions. They are desperate to defend the great business that their monopolies are carrying out there. A capitulation from Iran would turn Yankee imperialism, Zionism and the sheiks from the Arabian Peninsula into the owners of the Middle East. Great Britain and France collaborate with Trump in the systematic bombing against Syria and in the plans to balkanize its territory. 

The blockade to Iran has produced a huge rise of the oil prices, which benefits Saudi Arabia and the North American monopolies of non-conventional fuel, and harms the European Union and the importers of the rest of the world. It’s another blow to the deteriorated living conditions of the masses. The Russian petrol companies pick up the crumbs of this rise. 
Russia and China also seek to calm down the Washington monster, to cushion the commercial war which the United Stated has started against them. Trump has just annihilated the world aluminum monopoly, the Russian Rusal, forcing it to sell its stock shares to the Russian oligarch who holds the majority of the capital. China, even by its own interest, yields to the demands of a greater opening of its financial market to the international capital.

During the two years of the treaty’s validity, the Iranian government has carried out an implacable policy of workers impoverish and clerical clans and bourgeoisie enrichment. From last January workers’ strikes grow in Iran, against dismissals and the banking bankruptcy. The nuclear treaty didn’t open any perspective of improvement to the exploited nor to the country.

The rejection from Trump to the nuclear freezing treaty with Iran starts a new escalation of wars and international catastrophes.

For an international campaign against war

We call to impulse a common international campaign of the working class against the imperialist war.

Down with the economical blockade and the military escalation against Iran!

Down with the Zionist State, for the Palestinian people’s right to return.

We call the workers of the imperialist states to double the struggle against the class enemies in their own country.

We call to support the Iran’s proletariat class struggle against the employers and the clerical regime. 

Imperialism out of the Middle East. For a Federation of Socialist Republics. 



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