Delivery Workers’ International Statement

Delivery workers in struggle from six countries in the continent send this release as a contribution from our organizations and greet the Latin American and US Conference.

Long live the international unity of the working class!

In the face of the constant attacks carried out by delivery platform companies and governments against the living conditions of the delivery workers, this massive working sector has begun to respond across the world.

We are facing an attempt to impose a labor flexibility model that goes hand in hand with the labor and pension reforms, which represent a setback for the working class around the world and the labor rights we historically acquired. The new labor model is characterized by the role employers attribute to technology in order to increase their profits, at the cost of the decline in the living conditions of millions of workers. It is also characterized by a general way of action on the part of the governments, allowing and guaranteeing the massive job insecurity that these new employers come to impose.

The landing of coronavirus deepened the precarious conditions of delivery workers. While governments declare our activity as an essential one, without demanding companies to carry out the relevant protocols, these companies become richer at the cost of our lives.

The struggles that were brewing in the different countries agree on the perspective of organizing and fighting against job insecurity and advancing on the conquest of the rights that should be ours. The employers are multinational, the exploitation is global, and therefore the fight is international.

Since our support to the national strike on April 5 in Guatemala, and as a result of the debates and political elaboration achieved among delivery workers organizations, three international strikes were carried out, which had an impact in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil. In addition, they were part of the organized strikes in Spain and, in the last strike, on July 1st, the IWGB (Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain) has added its support.

In all cases, we not only confront the companies but also the governments and their allied unions, whatever kind or political hue they are, who agree to allow a flexibilization that our fellow workers pay with our lives.

We, delivery workers across the world, face the need to continue to join forces and involve in the fight of all delivery workers.

With the arrangement of assemblies and through the genuine participation of delivery workers, let us strengthen grassroots organizations and guarantee class unity, to strike with a single fist, settling debates through common action.

Long live the international workers’ struggle!

Long live the international unity of the delivery workers!

Entregadores do Breque (Brazil)

Raiders Unidos Ya (Chile)

Rapiteros Chile 08 (Chile)

Agrupación de Repartidores Penquistas (Chile)

Glovers Unidos (Ecuador)

Ni un Repartidor Menos (Mexico)

Agrupación de Repartidores (Costa Rica)

ATR (Argentina)


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